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Jackson Distribution Enterprises is designed to buy, sell and trade new, old and used vehicles. We will provide safe, reliable, and affordable vehicles at the best rates in town. Our vision is to grow, empower, and sell cash cars. To reduce the debt rate and promote ownership.

Currently throughout the United States, there are more than eight (8) million senior citizens who depend on others for transportation. A recent study conducted by the Administration on Aging, projects that by the year 2030; this number will be four (4) to five (5) times more, what it is today.

About Us

meet the CEO

Tyrone Jackson was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama to Mr. and Mrs. Sonny and Rebecca Jackson. He is a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School. Mr. Jackson grew up in Faith Full Gospel Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Freddrick Hardy Sr. After serving in the congregation faithfully for many years, he was appointed as Prayer Intercessor. He also served as the Senior Travel Assistant for the Bishop, personally coordinating and assisting his travel services throughout the United States. His work in the church gave him the opportunity to speak to the youth in his hometown delivering messages of hope and motivation and continued empowerment of their minds to remain steadfast and pursue their dreams. His work with the youth in the church fueled his passion to create businesses focused on keeping families/youth as a unit. He has appeared on the well-known Christian network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, speaking to thousands about his life experiences. He believes his testimonies and the challenges he has faced on his journey to success will make a difference in our society. Seeing and experiencing the void in the River Region, he has held many meetings with city officials to bring his 67 businesses to the capital city. He is excited about the humble beginnings of his career and the future, knowing that everyone has to start somewhere.

The Perfect Dream Denied

In this book, Tyrone Jackson recounts how his dream was rejected in Montgomery, Alabama, known as the "Capital of Dreams". The author describes how he has dealt with this for over 13 years. But he understands that this has to happen for a reason because he is a man of God. He made the decision to tell his experience to the public after remaining silent for so long.

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Ride With Me Adventures

Ride With Me Adventures Family Entertainment Center is an all-indoor 200,000 sq. ft. facility fully equipped with many attractions (go-karts, batting cages, drive-in movie theatre, indoor golfing, mini bowling lanes, arcades, ropes course adventure, glow-in-the-dark bazooka blast, trampoline park, roller skating rink, escape rooms, All American Cadé, Hershey's Cream Shake Shoppe, sports bar, paintball, full restaurant and much more. Projecting over 25 million in 3 years at 30% capacity.

Mega Grocery Store

Tyrone Jackson of Jackson Distribution Enterprises in Alabama is a visionary developer who has very close ties with Montgomery communities and has worked with social and charitable groups as well as civic leaders to bring about change for the better in neighborhoods that have been left behind. His vision is to build a megastore—a superstore with a supermarket and several mini-shops—that gives back to the community rather than just take from the residents and send it elsewhere. He wants to create jobs and business growth in an area that was once a thriving shopping destination but is now only a shadow of its former self. Projecting 1.8 billion in retail potential and over 300 million in groceries.

Straw The Lion
Straw The Lion Proposal.png

Straw The Lion was designed with the needs of the Montgomery community in mind. His mission is simple: to protect, equip and serve the community with the necessary tools to combat minority crime. With the recent rise in minority crime in the state of Alabama, Straw is coming to bridge the gap between the streets and law enforcement through community involvement, mentorship, and philanthropy.

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“They were very professional, and I really appreciated their quick responses.”

Dewey Gamble 

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